Inspiring music makers of the future

We are building music games and experiences to inspire music makers of the future. Places where you can play with, explore and create music together with friends.

We believe that music, interactivity and visuals go hand in hand. Together, they make the perfect match. You can be creative in a playful, fun and interactive environment together with others. It simply makes you feel good.

We are starting out inside one of the world’s biggest online multiplayer universes, Fortnite. A place where you can play, interact with, and experience music together with friends in a playful, interactive, and immersive world.

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Together, we believe we can create a fun and creative music multiverse that matters!

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DJ BRICK - A playful and fun music game

DJ BRICK is a fun and playful LEGO Fortnite music game that lets the players interact with music in a simple and fun way. By shooting at glowing bricks you and your friends can remix the music and become DJ BRICK. Have fun, play with music and pay attention to the quests.

Go and try it out here.

Island code: 7941-9209-1438

Read more about the game.

JAM HOUSE - Mix, jam and enjoy music

JAM HOUSE is our first music creation experience inside of Fortnite. In there you can explore music, become a DJ on stage and a producer back stage. Mix and have fun with music, by yourself, with some of your friends or in public for up to 99 other people worldwide.

Check out the experience in Fortnite here.

Island code: 4507-7088-0098

Read more about the experience.


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